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Guests pay in full now, well in advance of their holiday


Receive full payment immediately at time of purchase


Avoid competing in a market flooded with reopening offers


Paynowstaylater is direct business for your property


You manage the bookings


Get a jumpstart on the competition

See how you can start earning with PayNowStayLater

What we need from you

Your lowest rate ever!

We recommend 60% to 70% off your normal rates. Once bookings start returning to normal you can increase your rates on our website at any time and several times but you must honour all bookings at the booked rate.

Extended travel date

As some borders may not be reopened to some countries for a considerable time, we have set the travel date validity to 18 months or longer.

Your blockout dates

That is up to you. Your blockout dates will be displayed on our website. We recommend no, or minimum blockout dates.

How PayNowStayLater works


When the client makes a booking, we collect their full payment (which is non-refundable) and pass this to you less our commission of 5.5%. This is done immediately after the funds are cleared by PayPal which can take 7 days.


The client’s full contact details are passed to you at the time of booking.


If the client books their stay dates at time of booking, then you will be advised of these dates. The booked dates will be made using the availability you have given to


If the client has not decided on their stay dates they will be advised to contact you when they are ready to make a reservation.


All bookings are non-refundable, but guests may make name changes.


If the booking is not utilised before the travel cutoff date, i.e. 31 May 2022, guests can put the payment towards travel at some later date, but are required to pay the applicable room rate, i.e. they cannot enjoy the special rate.


How To Join PayNowStayLater

Complete our listing registration form

Set your rates

We will prepare your listing and ask you to approve this before going live

Standby to receive prepaid bookings




We’re with you every step of the way

Local Support

Our dynamic team strives to find new and better ways to help businesses succeed during this pandemic and we’re committed to working together with our tourism partners to get through this crisis.

Dedicated Specialist

Have a dedicated specialist to get you up and running in no time.

Limited time offer!

Join us before 31st August 2020 and enjoy a waiver of our AU$99 setup fee!

How To Get The Most Out Of PayNowStayLater

Offer your unprecedented “once in a lifetime” lowest rates ever! To book and pay now, people need to be impressed with your rates. What level? Well, that is up to you but as a guideline we suggest at least 60% off, maybe more.
Yes, it hurts but this is what is needed right now.

Rates are non-refundable.
We recommend for maximum impact and results, your rates should be based on advance purchase, prepaid, non-refundable model, with ultra-flexible terms and conditions to match the times.

People need to be reassured if you do offer a lower rate later, you guarantee that they will receive the lower rate and the difference between what they have paid and the new rate will be credited to their account.
This is necessary to help convince guests to prepay now.

We recommend the travel validity i.e. the ‘Travel Date’, be from when you reopen up to 18 months or longer, with no blackout periods.
Remember, these bookings are subject to space available and you may have had the use of their money (which is non-refundable) for a considerable time. Your normal peak periods are unlikely to be peak again anytime soon. Also, it is important to remember that guests booked at these rates, will be paying the same as everybody else when it comes to spending on food, beverage, room service and other ancillary services.

Offer special incentives to encourage group bookings, celebrate anniversaries, special birthdays, family reunions and other special occasions.
Family get-togethers, often with friends as well, are likely to be a big thing and top of mind when border restrictions are lifted and after a long period in lockdown or partial lockdown.

Offer very special low rates for all of your room categories.
At these rates, people may wish to pay a little extra and spoil themselves.

Remember these are direct bookings. Not only do you get their non-refundable payment in full at time of booking, but you also get their contact details.
Use these opportunities to offer upgrades and other deals before check-in.

Other Important Stuff You Need To Know

There is no fixed sale period. When you are ready to withdraw your property, advise PayNowStayLater and we will remove your listing within 48 hours.  We recommend remaining listed in and as business improves – progressively increasing your rates.

You must honour bookings made within the validity period at the rate which you sold the rooms.

As bookings improve you can raise your rates. You can change your rates at any time and as many times as you wish. However, you must honour all bookings paid for at the rate the client paid.

You will receive payment in full within 7 days of guest payment, less our commission.

All PayNowStayLater bookings are non-refundable, but name changes are permitted.

You have full control over the number of rooms available on PayNowStayLater at any time. If you wish to make amendments, the PayNowStayLater support team will make the necessary changes within 24 hours of your request.

Guests are not required to book their stay dates until they are ready to decide on their holiday. However should they wish, they can book their travel dates at time of payment, subject to the travel validity period.

Guest bookings are subject to availability at time of reservation. Any booking of more than 200 room nights requires your prior approval.

Limited time offer: There is no fee to join PayNowStayLater prior to 31 August 2020, after which a one-off AU$99 setup fee will apply. There will be no Pacific BedBank per night booking fees on PayNowStayLater bookings. Paynowstaylater will only charge a flat commission from your room rate.

In the event border restrictions between the guest’s country of current residence and the destination where the booked accommodation is located, are not lifted more than 3 months prior to end of the travel validity period – you are required to extend the stay validity period by a further 6 months, with further extensions should the border restrictions remain in place or reinstated.

You hold all advance payments in trust for the guest. Should the operation of your accommodation establishment be sold or transferred to another entity you will transfer all monies paid and the obligation to provide the services purchased, in its entirety.

From the time you receive payment from us for guest accommodation and any ancillary services as sold by PayNowStayLater on your behalf, you indemnify PayNowStayLater against any claims whatsoever that may arise from any booking, from that time onwards.

PayNowStayLater is a joint venture between Global BedBank Limited and Vazilu Pty Ltd (ACN 166473678) trading as Pacific BedBank.

PayNowStayLater will be launched with an extensive online social media, PR and email marketing campaign from mid-late June 2020.

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